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3CS to Success
Gwen Hill Motivational Speaker

Gwen Hill

Business Success Facilitator

As an engaging, inspiring speaker, Gwen Hill specializes in helping business teams break down the barriers that prevent them from meeting their potential, coaching individuals on techniques to improve communication, resolve conflict and create customer success.

Gwen has over 20 years of experience working with business teams of all shapes and sizes to manage change, resolve conflict, and develop cultures devoted to customer success. Drawing from that extensive background, Gwen has developed the 3 C’s to Success as the guiding principles of her philosophy on organizational success. Over time, Gwen has found that businesses that focus on effective communication, conflict resolution, or customer success can survive, but only businesses that successfully nurture all three C’s can truly find both financial and cultural success.

Gwen is known for her entertaining, captivating speaking style, as well as her ability to read and bring definition to a team’s struggles, skillfully guiding each group to specific solutions that fit their unique needs.

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“Gwen has a way with teams. She can sense and diffuse underlying tension and pivot to a solution. I’ve seen her do it, and it’s because she thinks the team is bigger than any problem. It works.”

Michele Aikens, President, Sepia Prime Woman, Inc.

“Your presentation was both illuminating and highly relevant to the issues of the course. You have enriched our conversation enormously, and we are grateful for the time that you have given us.”

Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Masters of Science in Education Program, Northwestern University

“As an Ending Your Crisis Seminar participant, I learned more about myself than I have my whole life. I took away tools to not only help in the current crisis but to handle future crises that may arise.”

V.W., seminar participant

“Gwen is a phenomenal speaker. She is intuitive and knows how to guide her audience into transformational decisions.”

Traci Childress, CEO, The Butterfly Project

“The Administrative Assistants Conference was unlike any I have ever attended. Your session, Believe In Yourself, Eliminating Beliefs That Chip Away At Your Confidence moved me to tears. The knowledge I gained is too voluminous to mention. I have never enjoyed a seminar so much.”

Jacqueline Kerns, Administrative Assistant, Detroit East, Inc.

“I was hoping to get a few pointers businesswise and enjoy a few hours away from the office… and WOW – did I get so much more. By the time the day had ended, I felt I had gone to a weekend retreat. Gwen is a professional, knows her stuff and conveys it in a way that is entertaining, meaningful and useful.”

Elaine Armitage, Comcast Division, Thomcast Communications, Inc.

Achieve Success

If your team is struggling with cohesion, conflict or change, don’t settle for “good enough.” Let Gwen show your team how to find success by resolving conflicts, communicating effectively, and creating successful customers.