Are you an Effective Leader?

Do your employees follow your lead? Or are you a business owner just taking a stroll?

Leaders are not born. Leaders are shaped, and the whole process starts inside the most dangerous place you’ll ever encounter – your own mind.

How can you become an awesome leader who drives people toward excellence, while holding them accountable? Add to that while inspiring trust. Simple, you need to know what an awesome leader looks like.

Awesome Leaders:

1. Control themselves. How can you motivate workers to concentrate on what needs to be done when it needs to be done; rather than becoming scattered.

  • Every great leader in history has had to become a master of self-discipline and willpower in order to stay focused on the big picture. If you don’t have a goal or the drive to achieve it, you can’t lead others to reach theirs.
  • Follow through in everything you do. This can be a challenge. Keep in mind, the dedication and attention that got you to the place of leadership are what you need in every situation. Do the job! Catch up with your feelings later. DON’T GIVE UP! Remember, people are watching. You need to show them how it is done!
  • Take a breath. Decide how you should respond to the situation. Your response should be focused on the situation and not any personal feelings you might have. To ensure you are helping to create a healthy inviting workplace practice silence.

2. Project their goals. If your team does not completely understand their role or the importance of their jobs, they will struggle to understand and share your vision or work ethic.

  • Make sure to communicate with your team along the way. To get the team on the same page, communicate early and often. Outline the expectations, assign tasks and set completion deadlines.
  • Involve your team. If you can sell your ideas to the team and help them believe in the plan you are almost home! Remember, you do not need yes men. Encourage a diversity of thought in your team to ensure everyone is looking at the entire landscape before moving ahead with your plan.

3. Praise their staff. Remember when tough talk needs to happen that you deliver highly constructive feedback.

  • Let other people in the company know how about the great team you lead.
  • Discuss any feedback that could seem “critical” in private and with tack. Outline the project and the expected outcomes. Detail the actual outcomes and ask what went well and what could have gone better. LISTEN. Offer constructive criticism as you compliment what went well.

4. Knows their team. The best leaders know the hopes and dreams of the team members. Both at work and at home.

  • Remember you are not there to be friends. You need to lead. Getting too friendly makes it hard to make tough decisions.

5. Are willing to make the tough decisions. You may need to reorganize, demote or terminate. Decide early how you will handle the hard calls.

No, you are not dreaming you are a leader! Be a strong one! What you do sends a message that speaks louder than the words you say.

If you want to be respected, respect your team. Take care of each item outlined here and you will be what your organization deserves; “an effective leader”.

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