In Business: Your Values Matter Most

Values stem from our beliefs and convictions, which then guide and direct our behaviors in life and business. They are the essence of who we are, the foundation of our unique selves. Values help us to act with integrity, and when our life priorities are aligned with our values, we are well on our way to experiencing fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.

Think about this for a moment.

  • Business is slow.
  • You are considering laying off three of your five employees.
  • A “potential client” with a very shady reputation, (who is also very slow in paying the people he does business with), decides to utilize your services.

What should you do? Should you:

  • Make the deal and hope for the best. Everyone needs your business.
  • Make the deal. Ask for full payment up front.
  • Turn down the business because of the poor reputation and credit worthiness?

You decide. But, you need to know before a situation happens how your business does business. How would you respond to the following questions?

  • Do you have a written mission statement for your business?
  • Do you know which of your core values are represented in your business?
  • Are your employees aware of the business’s mission statement and core values?
  • Do your employees operate with the mission statement and core values in mind?

Remember, “You” must KNOW how you want business related situations handled before they happen.

Consider this: What a person deems important on the inside ends up being reflected, just like a mirror, in the world around them. The values you hold paint the picture of the life that you want to live and how you will “react” under pressure.

But if you are not living in alignment with your values, a disconnect between who you are on the inside and the life you are living on the outside is created. This disconnect can easily destroy your energy and derail you from your goals and dreams. If you have not thought about this; or set up standards for your business, you are setting your business up for failure.

As you navigate the waters of your business relationships and encounters make sure your core values and beliefs shine through. Not sure which core values are being showcased in your business? Take the next step in determining the core values working just below the surface of who you are. Take the time to perform the values identification exercise. Simply click the link at the bottom of this page to get started.

Values exist whether we recognize their presence in us or not. But by having a greater understanding of them you can develop plans, set goals and make decisions that will honor them. Identifying your core values will help you to discover what’s truly important to you. Making choices in life based on those values won’t always be easy. But since your values are a key part of who you are and what you want your business to represent, honoring them is crucial.

The core values revealed in the exercise are only the beginning of the process of determining the essence of who you are and what values you want your business to reflect.

Going forward, continue asking yourself what is important to you and what you really care about and want for your business. Think back to the times in your business when you were most happy and fulfilled. What values were being honored in those moments? What about the times when you were most frustrated? What values were being violated?

We receive a great deal of personal fulfillment and business success when we live our values. Click the link below. Identify your core values.

Then determine if you are expressing them in your life and business.

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