The “What If Trip”

This is Blog Post #2 in the series “Embrace Your Gift.


Admit it.  You’re stuck.  

You know why you were put on this earth, and you have a secret plan to accomplish the goals set before you.

But you feel stuck. Your challenge is, “What If.”

What if:
  • I make a mistake.
  • Hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Develop something no one wants.
  • Fail spectacularly.

OR What if I achieve my goals?  Will I be able to:
  • Maintain the activity level needed to live my purpose and grow.
  • Continue to be a wife, a father or mother, a sibling, or an employee of another job.
  • Maintain my health goals and social obligations.  
  • Be Me.


The “What If Trip” is a journey to ” see” what living your purpose looks like. Let’s consider the possibilities.

Click HERE to download the “What If Trip worksheet.” 

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In the next installment, I will reveal THE answers.
Know You Are Cherished,

Gwen Hill – TST Consulting Services, Inc.
DBA 3C’s To Success
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