The What IF Trip Revealed

Greetings on our third encounter in the ‘Embrace Your Gift’ journey.


If you missed the second message, “The What If Trip,” which offers a free worksheet, you can download it by clicking the link below and clicking the “Download” icon in the top right corner of the screen for your fillable copy.
Message two was called:

What If Trip Worksheet 

Today, ponder your feelings about the insights gained from your ‘What If Trip’ worksheet.
Perhaps you’re relieved to have embarked on this journey, or maybe you doubt the feasibility of your dreams.
I get it, and it’s crucial to move beyond fear and skepticism.

Imagine flipping the script: What if you meet your goals and excel?

Access the filled-out “What If Trip Worksheet” here. It might just shift your perspective.
As you consider my feedback, think about what could be.
Also, I’ve added links to the first two blog posts for your convenience.
Know you are cherished,
 To access the earlier blog posts, click the links below:
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Blog Post 2 – The What If Trip
Now what? REMEMBER!   


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