Everyone Needs a Hug!

Welcome to the 5th post in the Embrace Your Purpose Series!


Scientists, doctors, and moms tell us we should have at least three hugs daily. 

Hugs have an important medical benefit:

They release an important hormone called Oxytocin. Oxytocin relieves anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and helps us feel calm, centered, and better connected to the world.

Studies have shown that babies who do not receive some form of compassionate touch are 78% less likely to survive infancy. 

Hugs (and the Oxytocin they release) are so important that our brains and bodies fail to develop properly, and we become ill and malnourished.

One of the great things about hugs is that when you give one, you also get one. It is a “GOGO” – Give One, Get One proposition! Everyone wins!

What do hugs have to do with your purpose?

Your purpose/gift is a hug to those who need it. 

2024 is your best year ever. We must move from recognizing our gift, feeling stuck, and taking imaginary trips to what can happen when we step out of our comfort zones.

Moving forward starts with a few thank-you hugs! 

Please do me a favor and hug yourself at each bullet point.
  • Thank you for breathing in and out!
  • Thank you for having a dream.
  • Thank you for being willing to embrace your stuff, falling down, and getting up.
  • Thank you for trying your best and then trying again.
  • Thank you for failing forward!
  • Thank you for bringing your UNIQUE flavor to the “Usual.”
We are on a journey—a journey to the center of you. Your quality of life is in your hands, and my job is to help you use the bridges in your life to connect you to your future.
This year, we will either cross our bridges or burn them (figuratively speaking).
Hug yourself again for me.

We have work to do!

P.S. Hugs are fun to practice and are almost always well-received. 
So, with a little effort, you can be a super-hugger, appreciated by everyone, and releasing Oxytocin to the world around you! 
There is one caveat to hugs – you must PRACTICE A LOT.
So quit reading about it and “GOGO”! 
Until next week! Thank you for taking this journey with me.
Please, know that you are cherished.



Gwen Hill – President of TST Consulting Services, Inc.
DBA 3C’s To Success
503 E 61st Street, Suite 137
Chicago IL 60637

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