Break Through


Break Through


Is your team stuck? Let Gwen show them the way forward with one of her engaging, entertaining programs designed to address conflict, open the mind, and inspire positive change.

Diverse workplace

Celebrating Diversity

Seems simple, doesn’t it? All one needs to do is scan the Internet and find the cuisines of the people they work with, use the right words and smile when necessary! Then everything will be great at work. Right? WRONG! This program uses music and humor to help the audience understand and celebrate individuality as well as see that external differences are just that – external.

Understanding that the most important factor is a “diversity of thought” and its impact on the growth of each individual, celebrating diversity translates to a more open and inviting workplace. It has been said that “if everyone were the same, someone would be unnecessary.” The inclusion of all people not only ensures we are celebrating the diversity of cultures, ethnicity, and race but welcomes diversity of thought. Participants will leave with an understanding that a diverse team of great minds at the table will help move the organization forward.

Coworker Workplace Conflict Resolution

3 C’s to Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

Connecting with others in the workplace is vital to achieving success at work. Relationships are an integral part of effective teams and work groups. Through engaging and practical activities, this interactive workshop blends the effective techniques of the 3Cs – Resolving Conflict, Effective Communication, and Customer Success, to transform daily communications into an opportunity for a powerful connection.

Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate on effective ways to improve relationships and create an inclusive work atmosphere; which guarantees a return on investment your organization has made in its staff.   Learn the secrets of successful connections with others, and get what you need to improve your personal, professional and family relationships.

Coworker Workplace Conflict Resolution

15 Things Your Didn’t Know About Your Staff

Market research is exciting and necessary for every business. However, most people think this research only applies to the customer. When was the last time you identified employee trends and other factors that would affect their satisfaction with you, the team and the company?

We need to talk. This session will help you identify the areas you need to stop, start or continue to promote healthy teams.​​

Man Frustrated at Work

WARNING: Hanging in There Can Be Hazardous to Your Life

Many of us try to hang in there when we are facing challenging situations. That is a great strategy. BUT WHEN IN ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? This program helps you learn to identify when it is simply time to make a change.

Beware! The change may not be what you think. Let’s be honest: sometimes it is the people you work with or company policies, but sometimes we need to make a change to improve how we interact with the company, customers or the tasks assigned to us. Let’s figure it out. ​​

Coworker Workplace Conflict Resolution

Resolving Conflict Without Blowing Up, Burning Out, or Losing Control!

Effective leadership in changing times demands that business owners and managers recognize and adequately address the clear relationship between change and conflict.

Gwen’s light-hearted program focuses on understanding the origin, inevitability, and even necessity of conflict in a growing business.

Woman at Work

Just Do You! The 7 Steps to Giving Your Best at Work

Can we talk? If we’re honest, we would admit that every job is an opportunity to shine. But while we are “shining” we need to ensure that the primary benefactors are the company we work for, our coworkers, clients, and customers.

In this program, Gwen will show you how to showcase your talents, pump up your resume, and help create an inviting workplace where people can’t wait to come to work, customers are raving fans, and the company is earning more money and making more sales than it ever thought possible!​​

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